Glasshouse Residence


This residence located in the Northeast is intended to create the feeling of living in and with nature. The footprint is modest at only 32’ x 36’ while it’s height of 32’ h places the upper floor and roof deck in the trees (9.6m x 10.8m  x 9.6m. h) The structure is a typical glass curtain wall design. The window segments are 4’ wide and 12’ high and are “glued” to the structure allowing for no aluminum capture strips on the outside. The window structure is approx. 4” thick (4 element)

Six 300 ft. wells and 2-10 ton heat pump units comprise the geothermal heating and cooling and allows the house to operate effectively using solar gain, fresh air and very effective a/c and radiant heat.

The exterior stainless steel railing (in progress install-shown from bedroom) mimics the interior floating stairs and railings laser cut from single pieces of 5/8” steel. Date of Completion - 2012

This structure is in an edition of 4. For more info.