Steven Rand

L.E.D. Works
resume and reviews

Erweiterung Europäisches Patentamt Commission - Munich, Germany 2004/5
(European Patent Office)
The photos below are of a recently completed permanent installation for the European Patent Regional Office in Munich, Germany. Each year , the high intensity LED lights surrounding the perimeter progress through the spectrum of 16.7 million colors, changing imperceptively every two seconds, at no time showing the same color.

The intent is for people who use and live around the building, and see it often, will follow the color changes, making the architecture function organically.


Burning Down the House 2005

This piece is placed in the interior of the institution at night, and does not interfere with the existing exhibition. It simulates a fire that begins randomly at different points becoming a large conflagration before dying out and is a comment on the anachronism of contemporary art in a traditional structure. The fire department will have to be notified but will have to rely on the "system" ignoring any calls that might be made.